Secret Book Giveaway!

I am giving away one of my books!

After scanning my bookshelf for an especially intriguing book and one that I have not reviewed for my blog, I’ve selected a novel that I think you, dear reader, will enjoy. What’s the catch? Well, I’ve wrapped the book in paper so that you can only guess what might be inside. However, I’ve compiled a list of five clues for your guessing pleasure.

1. Critically acclaimed American, female author.

2. Published by Carroll & Graf in 2003.

3. Genre: Literary Fiction

4. Page count: 154

5. Author was nominated alongside several other literary heavy hitters for the Man Booker International Prize for the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009.

Leave a comment and automatically be entered to win the Secret Book Giveaway. Unfortunately, I can only ship to residents of Canada and the USA. I think you would be shocked to know that it would cost triple the price of the book to ship internationally! I certainly was.

Contest closes May 31st. Winner will be announced June 1st!

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12 thoughts on “Secret Book Giveaway!

  1. I really like this idea for a give-away. I’m not in the US so I won’t participate, unfortunately. It is shocking to discover postage prizes sometimes. I often feel that way when US-residents mooch from me: Most of the time its cheaper to buy a new copy for them from thebookdepository than it is to send a used one through normal mail.

    • I know! I couldn’t believe it! I was shocked to discover The Book Depository. I just ordered something from them this week and I’m curious to see if it’ll be just as convenient as other online bookshops. So far, I’m EXTREMELY impressed. Free shipping worldwide??? No minimum order? The only way I can get free shipping in Canada is if my order is over $39…

  2. First, I’m entering the contest because I’m intrigued. Second, I’m gonna sit and think in case I might actually have a good guess at the book itself! Third, I’m gonna “google” and see what I can find. Fun!

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