The Mysterious Christopher Pike

While flipping through a Scholastic Paperback catalogue from 2010, I came across a profile for a re-release of Christopher Pike’s YA novels Slumber Party and Weekend, repackaged as a two-for-one deal entitled To Die For. The cover has been modernized to appeal to the next generation of teen readers. The writing, however, still boasts Pike’s trademark edge, a darkness that isn’t easily glossed over. Pike’s long been a favourite of mine since my high school days, so you can imagine my excitement when I realized that Pike’s body of work (like that of L.J. Smith) was being re-branded and released for an entirely new generation of readers, those who haven’t had the privilege of being scared senseless by Pike’s signature horror. He expertly taps into some of the most cruel facets of teen life in ways that are similar (but not as grotesque as) Stephen King’s Carrie. His characters usually have more dimension than typical teen horror; some are unabashedly mean, while others are propelled by an uncanny sense of curiosity.

According to Christopher Pike’s rather vague author profile on Simon and Schuster, his vampire series Thirst is slated to be released as a movie. What’s interestingly absent, however, from the internet cacophony of voices is Pike’s own. I’ve attempted to locate his official website, but I was unsuccessful. It seems rather mysterious that Christopher Pike is so inaccessible online. My curiosity has been undeniably piqued. It wasn’t until I dug a little deeper into the abyss that is the internet that I finally located Christopher Pike’s Facebook page, which appears to be current and active. It’s difficult to tell if Pike is updating his status himself or if a publicist is making the announcements on his behalf, considering Pike is often referred to in the third person.

As if my TBR list wasn’t long and hefty enough, I’m tempted to hunt down a few of his classic titles, some of which may be buried deep within the depths of my own closet. My reading habits have been rather unusual lately, as I have about four books on the go. Normally I read one at a time, but lately I’ve been juggling multiple novels, as well as my own writing endeavours. As soon as I’ve had the opportunity to finish these books, I will be reassessing my reading obligations. Until then, Christopher Pike’s YA novels will remain on my steadily growing and inflated TBR list. However, I’ve compiled a list of my favourites, a list of must-reads if you’re a Pike fan. Even if you’re completely unfamiliar with Pike’s novels, they are definitely classic YA for a reason. Here they are, complete with retro art covers, skeleton hands reaching from graves, and ominous dark figures looming in the distance…

Bury Me Deep

Fall Into Darkness

Remember Me

Die Softly


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25 thoughts on “The Mysterious Christopher Pike

  1. Wow that really brings me back to my secondary school days. My friends and I loved Christopher Pike! I dont remember those on your list of faves but do recall devouring Chain Letter!

  2. Oh, how I adored Christopher Pike in my youth! I wonder if they would hold up for me now, and part of me doesn’t want to tarnish the remembered enjoyment by realizing I had horrible taste in my early teen years. My favorite was the one about the play (Last Act). I’ll especially look forward to seeing your take on it if you read it!

  3. Hahaha…I remember reading most of the books you mentioned above as well as a bunch of others. My favorite was The Midnight Club – did you read that one?

    Also, did you know that he still has some new books? I haven’t read it yet, but I’m looking forward to checking out The Secret of Ka myself. It doesn’t have the look of these retro covers, but it sounds pretty cool.

    • I didn’t read The Midnight Club or The Secret of Ka, two books I will now have to check out on Chapters! I’ve read some of his newer stuff. Well, I’m not sure how new The Blind Mirror happens to be but it’s typical Pike craziness (only for adults). Totally creative.

  4. I’m a newer reader of Christopher Pike. I absolutely adore his Thirst series! That book has so many twists and turns! He draws you in, no matter what! I have a hard time putting down his books. And I really look forward to reading his book called Until the End. Thanks for posting the original novel covers, it’s very interesting to look at!

  5. My 16-year old niece was visiting last weekend and looking for a book to read at the pool, and I dug up a couple of my original copies of Christopher Pike’s books from my teen years…and she loved them! She’s heading to the library tomorrow to take out a couple more, and I took out a copy of the first Thirst book…can’t wait to read the next one!

  6. I’m pretty new to Christopher pike, and have only read his Thirst series and Remember Me, and both were suggested to me by my friend. When she first tried to describe Thirst no. 1 to me (she hadn’t read too far yet), I got out of it******Semi Spoiler!***** “This guy has a stalker dad who is murdered by his Homicidal girlgriend, and nobody knows it’s her. Poor dude! He has a horrible, horrible life, how the heck can you read this?!” Then I stole it from her to see if it was true, and I got something completly different and better. :) So mow I’m hooked, and can’t wait fir the last book in the Thirst series to come out!
    And by the way, thank you for posting the origional covers!

  7. Good Grief! Just seeing these covers makes me feel 13 again! “Remember Me” and “Fall into Darkness” were two of my favorites. I need to search my parents Attic and see if we held onto these! I’d love to read them again as an adult.

  8. I still have a box of all his books in my garage. I actually looked them up last week to see if they were now available as ebooks, but Amazon had no listing for them. These are classics, and make for fun summer reading.

  9. Still young and just discovering Christopher Pike from my aunt. I love the books so much!! I”m so glad my aunt gave me her copies of some of the Christopher Pike books. I enjoy the old covers and I am kind of sad to see new covers on the shelves , but happy to know that he is still writing

  10. I love the Thirst series. Until the End is also a good one. My favorite book of his is Remember Me. I’d have dreams about that book and I could never put it down

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