Thank You Suzi Blu! (And Gretchen Rubin, Too)

Perhaps you’ve heard of The Happiness Project, a book written by Gretchen Rubin about her attempts to get and stay happier. I’ve been following Rubin’s Happiness blog over the past few weeks and she’s inspired me to feel confident about my life and accomplishments, my goals and everyday tasks. I haven’t been following her advice to the letter but I have been adjusting it to fit my lifestyle and ambitions. If you haven’t had the chance to visit her blog or YouTube Channel, I highly suggest you give it a whirl. She has a great deal of interesting, helpful ideas that can truly change the way you approach your day, your chores, and passions. Have you read The Happiness Project? If so, did you find it helpful?

But, before I discovered Gretchen Rubin, Suzi Blu, an energetic, creative, super fun blogger and artist, was diligently spreading her cheer. I first came across her blog when I started to try my hand at mixed media techniques. She is full of fantastic ideas, artistic prompts, and encouragement. Her blog, aptly titled A Lovely Dream, is a great inspiration for anyone who has wanted the life of their dreams. Out of sheer will and love for art, she has turned  her passion into a business, a community, and a creative refuge. She has become a teacher and enthusiastic member of the mixed media family of bloggers, who continue to be captivated by Suzi Blu’s positive energy and sparklingly dreamy work. So, remember, if anyone says your dream is impossible, remember what Suzi Blu has to say about that…

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