Fiction by Lydia


Symmetry Part One

Symmetry Part Two

Symmetry Part Three

Symmetry Part Four

Symmetry Part Five

Symmetry Part Six

Symmetry Part Seven

Symmetry The Conclusion

The Tingo Tango Part One

The Tingo Tango Part Two

The Tingo Tango Part Three

The Tingo Tango Conclusion

Kiss Me Hard

Highway 49: Running on Empty

Highway 49: Four Hours Earlier

Highway 49: Blood on the Highway

Highway 49: Seth

Highway 49: Sinking In

Highway 49: Crash

Highway 49: Ring Ring

Highway 49: Quicksand Rewind

Highway 49: Tuesday Jack

Highway 49: Shotgun Saviour

Fifth Helena Drive (Part 1)

Fifth Helena Drive (Part 2)

Fifth Helena Drive (Part 3)

Blackout (Part 1)

Blackout (Part 2)

Blackout (Part 3)

Blackout (Part 4)

Blackout (Part 5)

Blackout (Conclusion)

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