I am giving away one of my books!

After scanning my bookshelf for an especially intriguing book and one that I have not reviewed for my blog, I’ve selected a novel that I think you, dear reader, will enjoy. What’s the catch? Well, I’ve wrapped the book in paper so that you can only guess what might be inside. However, I’ve compiled a list of five clues for your guessing pleasure.

1. Critically acclaimed American, female author.

2. Published by Carroll & Graf in 2003.

3. Genre: Literary Fiction

4. Page count: 154

5. Author was nominated alongside several other literary heavy hitters for the Man Booker International Prize for the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009.

Leave a comment and automatically be entered to win the Secret Book Giveaway. Unfortunately, I can only ship to residents of Canada and the USA. I think you would be shocked to know that it would cost triple the price of the book to ship internationally! I certainly was.

Contest closes May 31st. Winner will be announced June 1st!