While flipping through a Scholastic Paperback catalogue from 2010, I came across a profile for a re-release of Christopher Pike’s YA novels Slumber Party and Weekend, repackaged as a two-for-one deal entitled To Die For. The cover has been modernized to appeal to the next generation of teen readers. The writing, however, still boasts Pike’s trademark edge, a darkness that isn’t easily glossed over. Pike’s long been a favourite of mine since my high school days, so you can imagine my excitement when I realized that Pike’s body of work (like that of L.J. Smith) was being re-branded and released for an entirely new generation of readers, those who haven’t had the privilege of being scared senseless by Pike’s signature horror. He expertly taps into some of the most cruel facets of teen life in ways that are similar (but not as grotesque as) Stephen King’s Carrie. His characters usually have more dimension than typical teen horror; some are unabashedly mean, while others are propelled by an uncanny sense of curiosity.

According to Christopher Pike’s rather vague author profile on Simon and Schuster, his vampire series Thirst is slated to be released as a movie. What’s interestingly absent, however, from the internet cacophony of voices is Pike’s own. I’ve attempted to locate his official website, but I was unsuccessful. It seems rather mysterious that Christopher Pike is so inaccessible online. My curiosity has been undeniably piqued. It wasn’t until I dug a little deeper into the abyss that is the internet that I finally located Christopher Pike’s Facebook page, which appears to be current and active. It’s difficult to tell if Pike is updating his status himself or if a publicist is making the announcements on his behalf, considering Pike is often referred to in the third person.

As if my TBR list wasn’t long and hefty enough, I’m tempted to hunt down a few of his classic titles, some of which may be buried deep within the depths of my own closet. My reading habits have been rather unusual lately, as I have about four books on the go. Normally I read one at a time, but lately I’ve been juggling multiple novels, as well as my own writing endeavours. As soon as I’ve had the opportunity to finish these books, I will be reassessing my reading obligations. Until then, Christopher Pike’s YA novels will remain on my steadily growing and inflated TBR list. However, I’ve compiled a list of my favourites, a list of must-reads if you’re a Pike fan. Even if you’re completely unfamiliar with Pike’s novels, they are definitely classic YA for a reason. Here they are, complete with retro art covers, skeleton hands reaching from graves, and ominous dark figures looming in the distance…

Bury Me Deep

Fall Into Darkness

Remember Me

Die Softly