Although it doesn’t boast the quality of satellite television, or cable for that matter, YouTube has developed over the years to become a genuine source of entertainment and valuable information. When I’m struggling with writer’s block, fear, frustration, or even boredom, I often turn to this website for inspiration and, surprisingly, help.

However, like a shopping expedition to Winners or Value Village, you have to weed through a lot of crap before you find legitimately valuable material. As I’m sure you are aware, YouTube is littered with planking footage, random “Leave Britney Alone!” temper tantrums, and Rebecca Black music videos, all of which has its place (sort of). The hard part is finding that elusive needle in the proverbial haystack.

YouTube is a fantastic resource for how-to videos, interviews, original short films and documentaries, movie reviews, motivation, and live events we might never have the opportunity to see. Not only can channels create their own unique programming, but the viewer has the power to pick and chose portions to watch and dismiss, completely avoiding advertisements (always a good thing).

Here are 3 of my favourite channels:


Key ingredient: Authentic arty fun

What you’ll learn: Mixed media, drawing, art journaling & painting

Primary audience: Crafters, artists, and poets


Key ingredient: Access to authors and high profile artists

What you’ll learn: Everything and everything. Speakers range from authors, graphic artists, writers and entrepreneurs.

Primary audience: Anyone who wants to stretch their brain.


Key ingredient: Motivation

What you’ll learn: How to kick ass.

Primary audience: Fitness enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and anyone with a dream.